Brown-eyed Handsome Man

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    Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve released something new. I decided to take some time to get back in touch with my roots. I was on the road paying tribute to the music of the Deep South and the music of my ancestors. I had myself a great time and enjoyed every second of it.

    It was all cool but then I had some very deep conversations with my longtime best friend Big Daddy Wilson from North Carolina. He said to me “Homeboy I think its time!” It was time for us to hook up and do something special and that is exactly what we have done.

    He offered to produce the album and that sealed the deal. He also introduced me to two fantastic musicians/producers from Italy. They are Paolo Legramandi and Cesare Nolli better known as the Goosebumps Brothers. Big Daddy and the fellows captured the right vibe for this album. This album captures the wonderful feeling of grooving on vintage southern Soul Music. Thanks guys!

    The name of this album is called “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man.” Why? It’s because I was born in July 1954, the hottest day of the year. I was born with my eyes wide open and they were brown. An old woman stood up and shouted,

    “He Gon´Be A Brown-Eyed Handsome Man!“

    Take your time, relax and enjoy this wonderful album. I truly appreciate your support and I ask that you please extend this support to other Soul and Blues artists. With your support we can keep this music alive. From the bottom of my heart I say “Thank you!” Peace!

    Greg Copeland


    1. Browned-Eyed Handsome Man
    2. Hip To You
    3. Alcohol Abuse
    4. A Girl Like You
    5. I Gotcha
    6. Oh No
    7. People Get Ready
    8. Working In A Coal mine
    9. Talking ‘Bout The South
    10. Please Please
    11. This Is Love