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Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve released something new. I decided to take some time to get back in touch with my roots. I was on the road paying tribute to the music of the Deep South and the music of my ancestors. I had myself a great time and enjoyed every second of it.

It was all cool but then I had some very deep conversations with my longtime best friend Big Daddy Wilson from North Carolina. He said to me “Homeboy I think its time!” It was time for us to hook up and do something special and that is exactly what we have done. Check it out.

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I was born Gregory Andre Copeland in Portsmouth, Virginia (USA).  While growing up  I was and still heavily influenced by artists such as James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Robert Johnson, Howlin´Wolf and many others. These influences have helped me to develop my own unique singing style.  You can describe my singing style as Smooth, Slick and Down South Dirty.  I am Funk, Soul and Bluesman through and through.

Check out my newest albums below to find out more about my work.

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Tour Dates

We are giving concerts all over Germany, Europe, and even in New Zealand. Check out our tour plan to see when we are playing near you.

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